Brake Service in Dallas, TX

Complete Brake Repair Service

Your vehicle’s braking system is probably the most important part of your vehicle. The brake service experts at All Pro Complete Auto Repair in Dallas, Texas are well equipped and experienced at ensuring optimal brake performance. Brake service can either be part of timely and routine maintenance, or it can be part of an expensive and time-consuming brake repair or replacement. It’s actually on You. Drivers are the first line of defense when it comes to addressing any brake service needs. Time is of the essence when it comes to your brakes.

Listen For Signs of Trouble

You are the first line of defense when it comes to timely brake service. The first sign of brake trouble is that high-pitched squeal you might hear when you press the brakes. It’s perfectly normal for all brakes to squeal like that because it simply means that the brake pads need to be replaced. All Pro Complete Auto Repair in Dallas, Texas, is always here to provide this common brake service. The brake pads are designed to squeal once the pad is worn too low. The brake pad replacement is as routine as a tune-up or changing tires.

Brake Pad and Brake Rotor Replacements

The early signs of brake trouble are meant to help you avoid extensive and expensive brake repair needs. After the brake pads have worn completely down, the brake rotors will be compromised. The high-pitched squeal will turn into a scraping and grinding sound. In these cases, brake rotors must be replaced. Brake rotor replacement is usually an unnecessary and costly service that could have been prevented. At All Pro Complete Auto Repair in Dallas, Texas, our goal is to keep you two steps ahead of costly brake services.

Feel For Signs of Trouble

Another clear sign of a brake service need is right under your foot. How does the brake pedal feel when you push it? Is it a hard and unmovable pedal? Is it soft and squishy? As soon as the brake pedal starts to feel abnormal whenever you’re slowing down, it’s time to stop by All Pro Complete Auto Repair. Actually, it’s probably past time. You can also feel signs of trouble with the braking system in the steering wheel. When you slow down, the steering wheel might start to vibrate or shake. Since this could also be a symptom of larger problems, we urge drivers to stop by our shop as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Vehicle’s Brake Service Today!

Let our brake service experts take care of your vehicle’s braking system. With decades of experience providing brake repairs on all makes and models, we can assure our customers the highest quality of brake service. All Pro Complete Auto Repair in Dallas, Texas, stands by all of its brake services with a guarantee of 12 Months/12,000 Miles Warranty. Give us a call today at (214) 553-5761 to schedule your next brake service appointment. Next time you’re in the area of our shop at 10830 Alder Circle, feel free to stop by. We welcome all of our walk-ins!